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Urban e-Bike


Ride to work, the market and escape the city on the weekend. Ride more for less with the CELL Ultimo, the ultimate electric commuter bicycle.
E-bikes make riding just that much easier, allowing you to ride further and flattening even the steepest of hills. The recent developments in e-bikes now make them a real choice for those looking to ride to work, to school or simply enjoy cycling again.
This urban e-bike is super simple to own and use. You ride it as you would any other bike, it simply assists you as you pedal. The system senses your pedal strokes and the Samsung battery provides the power to the rear hub motor, assisting you as you ride in a natural way.
Key Features


Powerful 250W Entity™ e-bike system with pedal assistance up to 25 km/hr

374Wh Entity™ smart battery


Also built with other quality components

Premium Entity™ LCD display

with USB charge port

Entity Ride™ e-bike app

iOS and Android
Bluetooth connection

integrated bike lights

Front, rear and brake lights are powered by the battery
Riding my new CELL Ultimo to work has been a great experience. Stylish and comfortable to work and out and about on the weekend! - BikeRadar